Sunday, 5 December 2004

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t has been encouraging to hear from a number of folks around the world about Father’s dealings with them in relation to coming out from institutional forms of church life into the living organic Body, which is being built by God. There are similarities in all the various stories of the spiritual struggles involved. I too had similar struggles both before and after the big step out.

Something that T. Austin Sparks wrote illuminated God’s ways with me very vividly, and reflected my experience as in a clear mirror. I have already shared this with some who have written to me, and I make it available here in the belief that for others too it will be a revelation and an encouragement. Here it is:

Coming Out
T. Austin Sparks

""Note this that I am going to say: first it is not a physical separation. No, first of all it is inward spiritual separation. I will put it this way; they find themselves out before they are out. They find that they no longer belong. No one has ever told them that they must leave their denomination, their church, their mission, their organisation. Something has happened inside. "

Dear friends, do take hold of this. This is an organic thing, it is a movement of life within. It is no legal, ‘you must’ or ‘you must not’ ‘You must leave this and leave that in order to come to God’s fullness’. It is not that at all. I say ‘Stay there until you cannot for your very life’s sake, for your very walk with God’s sake, for your very knowledge of the Holy Spirit within. Stay, stay’. Come-outism is a dangerous thing. That is not how it was. It was from the inside. It is the way of the Holy Spirit, the initiative of God, the act of God, the dawning of a new awareness that something is happening to me because it is happening in me. I know what that means. I have had crises like that, when I knew that something had happened to create a divide, and ‘Now Lord, what am I to do? If I take action look what will happen’, and so I, stuck on a false pretext, went on. At the end of some months, I found myself like this—I was not in it. ‘No that is not where I am finding the Lord. That is not where life is’, and I have gone back to the Lord and I have said, ‘Lord what am I to do?’ He said, ‘So many months ago I took you out in spirit. Now perhaps you will have to follow in body’"

Early on I determined never to try to persuade anyone to come out. The call to do that must come from Father Himself. But, when we hear Him we do well to obey.


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