Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Margaret. Congo 1960

It was on August 29 last year that my beloved Margaret departed to be with her Lord and a year ago yesterday we had the memorable gathering to celebrate her life. So the last few days have, for me, been full of much emotion and of a multitude of wonderful memories, but, above all. of overflowing thanksgiving for the gift God gave me in the woman who walked with me for so long, an utterly loving and wholly loyal wife, a true mother and much loved grandmother.

When in 1992 Margaret was found to have cancer of the kidney requiring very major surgery and with a highly uncertain prognosis, the following is what she wrote.

A Christian’s Attitude to death

From the moment a person hands over his life to the Lord he accepts that his life is entirely in God’s hand. Therefore the day of his departure is God’s business alone.

The day one dies is one of completion and arrival, not just finality and end. Since God does not always choose to show us when the day will be, it is right that we live in a state of preparedness. To be with the Lord is the goal to which we strive and approach with expectancy and joy.

The closer one has been with spouse, family & friends the harder the separation will be, but we can safely trust this matter to Him alone. He is the great Comforter and will carry them through in victory.

I cannot pretend that the past year has been easy, but that “Great Comforter” has not failed me nor forsaken me.



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