Sunday, 19 April 2009

Love and Truth

This morning I read and reflected on Psalm 40 in the NIV and Message versions. In so many ways I found myself identifying with the psalmist’s experiences. Like him I too can look back to being dramatically lifted out of “the slimy pit and the mud and the mire” and re-established on the rock with a song of praise in my mouth and a renewed commitment to love and obey Him. I was specially thinking of an amazing and instantaneous deliverance from several years of a dark depression following emotionally traumatic experiences post-independence in the Congo. As I now review my long life, I share the author’s astonishment and gratitude for the wonders He has done and the things that He planned. But I also share in the awareness of my vulnerability and weakness and of the ever-present aggression from enemy of our souls, who grants no exemptions because of age!

At the center of the Psalm is the prayer “May your love and truth always protect me.” (NIV) The Message makes it an assertion and says “Your love and truth are all that keeps me together.” And this was the word which was specially quickened to my spirit today. Through everything that life may throw at us, the highs and lows, the ecstasies and the gloom, the victories and defeats, here is the secret of security and stability in God’s love and God’s truth.

Traveling in thought through my life’s years I can say “Amen!” to the Message version. In the crises , in the struggle with doubts and temptations, in dealing with bereavement these two, Father’s love and truth, have been and are my anchor sure and steadfast. Both the love and the truth are made real in the person of the Lord Jesus. He is the truth and He it is through whom I receive Father's unfathomable love. Facing whatever lies ahead I also make the prayer my own, that His love and truth will continue to be my protection to the end of this earthly journey


Blogger Bean said...

Hello Jack - How wonderful to have tonight tripped across your blogs here, and to be able to renew contact by this brief note. Our thanks and appreciation for your continued steadfastness and the clarity of your witness to God's purpose in this hour. Love, Brian and Sophia Newman(Masterton)

23 May 2009 at 9:09 pm  
Blogger todd said...

i sure appreciate this post Jack....thanks :)

20 November 2009 at 3:38 am  

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