Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Living loved and Living loving

Living loved and Living loving

Being a follower of Jesus is, at its simplest and yet most profound level, living in an unbroken circle of love. Supremely, and initiating this circle is the everlasting love of the Father, which come to us through His Son the Lord Jesus. Receiving this love so unfathomable and freely given arouses in us a responding love of the Father and the Son Completing the circle the love of God which is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit flows out from us to each other. That seems to be the essence of the teaching of Jesus in His last discourse with His disciples recorded in John 13-17.

As I have been thinking and meditating on this over the past week or two, I kept remembering two elderly widows in a small rural town whom I came to know. They were both patients of mine and I also used to meet them in the church where I preached from time to time. These two remarkable ladies were affectionately known in the town and district by two nicknames, “The Hallelujah sisters” and “The Angels”. To me they were outstanding and shining witnesses to the reality of that circle of love. In any conversation with them it soon became evident that they knew without a shadow of doubt that they were dearly beloved by the Father and the Son, and that they loved the Lord with all their hearts. Their faces simply glowed. Out of that experience of being loved and loving came their lives of love to others. In their town was a heavily drug addicted young solo-mother with twin babies. When she was stoned on drugs the children lay unchanged and unfed in their cots. These two ladies, both in their seventies would go in, change the soiled nappies, feed the babies, wash the bed clothes and tidy up the house, all with no word of condemnation and nothing but love. No wonder the heart of that young woman was deeply touched!


Blogger Kilauea Poetry said...

This was simply beautiful! Thanks-

11 August 2009 at 6:23 pm  
Blogger Amanda L said...

Thanks Jack for your posts. As I read them my heart is encouraged. It is like a fresh breath of air straight into my spirit. It is a wonderful analogy of the two sisters, it is rare to see people motivated to help others out of a pure love for God and serving others simply to bless not for 'brownie points' with God nor to prove their love for God to others. I believe we are only capable of giving that kind of love when, as you say, we know we are beloved by Him. It is a gift and a journey to be able to live believing He loves us just as we are.....I'm still working on it, but He deserves the fullness of our love and it's not possible until we 'become as little children' and stop doubting our Father loves us and that we are loveable. We can't give what we haven't got.

18 August 2009 at 5:28 pm  

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